Research Agreements

The Office of Research and the Office of General Counsel have developed a process to help faculty develop research agreement drafts and navigate the review process. This process applies to the following five types of research agreements:

  1. Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Data Use Agreement (requesting and granting)
  3. Research Collaboration Agreement (excluding grants and competitive funding)
  4. Material Transfer Agreement (requesting and granting)
  5. Consultancy/Service Agreement (faculty providing services)


To commence the agreement development and review process, please contact us at and provide the following information in your email:

  • Requesting faculty member’s name and department
  • Name of the Partner Institution(s)/Contract Counterparty(ies) and the business license/registration certificate (if any)
  • A brief summary of the proposed arrangement, including (if applicable) a description of the related research, each party’s scope of work, proposed deliverables, IP and/or publication arrangements
  • The proposed agreement’s start and end dates
  • Funding amount (if any)
  • Other relevant information about the proposed agreement (for example, related research agreements, including grants, data sharing agreements)
  • A draft agreement (if available)


Upon receiving the above, staff from the Office of Research and the Office of General Counsel will facilitate the development of the agreement and help you navigate the subsequent review. Please allow for sufficient time for the entire process.

More templates and additional tips will be available for your reference in due course.

Please note that all other types of agreements will continue to be handled by the currently responsible departments (see the table below for quick reference). If you are not sure whether your agreement fits into one of these types, please contact, and we will confirm the appropriate process.

Other types of agreements and responsible departments:

# Types of Agreements Responsible Departments
1 Institutional academic agreements (e.g. MOU* ) Provost's Office (
2 Agreements for IRB purposes Research Compliance Office (
3 Research grants Research Grants Office (
4 Service contracts with individuals (faculty seeking/procuring services) OFA ( or designated program administrators
5 Individual visitor agreements OFA ( or designated program administrators
6 Procurement contracts OFA ( or designated program administrators
7 Gifts Development Operations (

* In general, Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs), especially requiring commitments from the university, should be handled by the Provost’s office and their review and signing should be separate from research agreements, where specific terms and expectations are well-defined for research.