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With today's rapid developments in the frontiers of physics, new opportunities and challenges are constantly arising. These occur at both the basic and applied levels. At the basic level, physics provides the foundation of our knowledge of the physical universe. At the same time, new methods and techniques arising from physics research have proved useful in creating new research fields in the biological, social, and engineering sciences. The impact on society from all of these efforts is and will remain profound.

In response to these developments, New York University and East China Normal University together have created the NYU-ECNU Institute of Physics at NYU Shanghai. The Institute's mission is to build a world-class physics research institute by building on and expanding existing strengths at NYU and ECNU. In addition to fostering US-Chinese scientific collaborations --- including a large international component --- the Institute combines and leverages the existing strengths of physics research at the three institutions: particle physics and cosmology; hard and soft condensed matter physics; biological physics; atomic, molecular, and optical physics; nanomaterials; and expertise in precision laser spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance.

The institute will feature an active visitor program, a regular seminar series, and conferences and workshops. But most importantly, it will actively work to create and strengthen research collaborations among scholars from many different universities and research areas. A central component of its mission is to identify new and exciting theoretical and experimental research directions, especially in the frontier areas of laser spectroscopy, quantum condensed matter, quantum manipulation and information, and precision measurements.

The Institute is currently inviting applications for both visiting and renewable contract positions. We welcome you to join us!


Guoxiang Huang, ECNU
Daniel Stein, NYU