Research Projects

Pilot Project

The Institute is now initiating a long-term endeavor in collecting longitudinal data on families with children. This data will include information ranging from essential sociodemographic characteristics of the individuals in the family (e.g., age, gender, education, income), living arrangements (e.g., family types, presence and number of child and adult members), parental employment status (e.g., occupation, location of the job, work hours, wages), health (e.g., physical and mental health), and well-being (e.g., children’s academic well-being, social and emotional well-being). Information will also be collected from school administrators and teachers about school environment and children’s academic and social and emotional well-being. This longitudinal data collection will serve the purpose to create a research data repository that allows researchers around the world to study issues related to migration, children and youth, and family’s well-being in contemporary China. We plan to start with a pilot project in the Shanghai area and will expand to other places around the nation.

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