Zhaoyuan Tian

Professor of Folklore Science 
Associate Dean
School of Social Development 
East China Normal University

Email: suntree@126.com

Dr. Zhaoyuan Tian is Professor of Folklore Science and Associate Dean of the School of Social Development at East China Normal University.

Dr. Tian’s research focuses on folklore and anthropological studies. He is a member of the board of directors of the Chinese Folklore Society and the Chinese Han Nationality Society, and also an expert appointed by the Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation project. His primary research areas include folklore studies (mythological beliefs), social anthropological studies, and intangible cultural heritage preservation. He has published many influential works including more than fifty journal articles and several well-known books such as Myth and Chinese SocietyThe History of Oaths of Allegiance (Social Folklore History Series), The History of Merchants (Social Folklore History Series), and Cultural Anthropology Tutorials.

Dr. Tian’s current research project focuses on the developmental history of Chinese myths.