New Study Reports Quantum Optics Experiments at an Astronomical Scale

Institute faculty Tim Byrnes group's recent collaboration with Professor Jianwei Pan’s group at The University of Science and Technology of China was published in the recent issue of the journal Physical Review Letters and has been selected to be the cover articleThe paper reports light sources that are separated as distantly as 150 million kilometers could show quantum interference and entanglement .  The research opens a new route to quantum optics experiments at an astronomical scale. Please click here to read the synopsis written by Physical Review Letters.

Journal Reference:

Yu-Hao Deng, Hui Wang, Xing Ding, Z.-C. Duan, Jian Qin, M.-C. Chen, Yu He, Yu-Ming He, Jin-Peng Li, Yu-Huai Li, Li-Chao Peng, E. S. Matekole, Tim Byrnes, C. Schneider, M. Kamp, Da-Wei Wang, Jonathan P. Dowling, Sven Höfling, Chao-Yang Lu, Marlan O. Scully, and Jian-Wei Pan. "Quantum Interference between Light Sources Separated by 150 Million Kilometers". Physical Review Letters, 123 (8), 080401 (2019)