Guoxiang Huang

NYU-ECNU Institute of Physics at NYU Shanghai

Professor of Physics
State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy
East China Normal University


Guoxiang Huang is currently Professor of Physics at East China Normal University. He received his Ph.D. in physics at Fudan University. His research has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Trans-Century Talents Program of the Ministry of Education of China, and National 973 Program, etc. His research direction is nonlinear physics and nonlinear optics, and his current research interests include:
1. Cold atoms and cold molecules, Bose-Einstein condensation 
2. Electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light and fast light, optical solitons, quantum information
3. Nonlinear and quantum optical effects in micro-nano structures 

Recent Publications:

  • Zhiming Chen, Zhengyang Bai, Hui-jun Li, Chao Hang, and Guoxiang Huang, "Storage and retrieval of (3+1)-dimensional weak-light bullets and vortices in a coherent atomic gas", Sci. Rep. 5, 8211 (2015).
  • Chaohua Tan and Guoxiang Huang,"Surface polaritons in a negative-index metamaterial with active Raman gain", Phys. Rev. A 91, 023803 (2015).
  • Yang Chen, Zhiming Chen, and Guoxiang Huang, "Storage and retrieval of vector optical solitons via double electromagnetically induced transparency", Phys. Rev. A 91, 023820 (2015).
  • Chaohua Tan and Guoxiang Huang, "Superluminal surface polaritonic solitons at weak light level via coherent population oscillation", Phys. Rev. A 89, 033860 (2014).  
  • Zhiming Chen and Guoxiang Huang, "Trapping of weak signal pulses by soliton and trajectory control in a coherent atomic gas", Phys. Rev. A 89, 033817 (2014).  
  • Yang Chen, Zhengyang Bai, and Guoxiang Huang, "Ultraslow optical solitons and their storage and retrieval in an ultracold ladder-type atomic system", Phys. Rev. A 89, 023835 (2014).
  • Chao Hang, Guoxiang Huang, and V.V. Konotop, "PT Symmetry with a system os three-level atoms", Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 083604 (2013).
  • Chao Hang, Dmitry A.Zezyulin, Vladimir V. Konotop, and Guoxiang Huang, "Tunable nonlinear parity–time-symmetric defect modes with an atomic cell," Opt. Lett. {\bf 38}, 4033 (2013).
  • Chao Hang and Guoxiang Huang, "Slow-light Airy wave packets and their active control via electromagnetically induced transparency," Phys. Rev. A 88, 013825 (2013).
  • Chengjie Zhu, Chaohua Tan, and Guoxiang Huang, "Crossover from electromagnetically induced transparency to Autler-Townes splitting in open V-type molecular systems," Phys. Rev. A 87, 043813 (2013).