Pilkyung Moon

Associate Professor of Physics, NYU Shanghai;
Global Network Associate Professor, NYU

Email: pilkyung.moon@nyu.edu
Personal Page: http://wp.nyu.edu/moon

Pilkyung Moon is Associate Professor of Physics at NYU Shanghai.

Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, he was Research Fellow at Korea Institute for Advanced Study in 2013-2014 and assistant professor in Department of Physics at Tohoku University in 2011-2013. He holds a PhD from Seoul National University.

Moon’s research interests are condensed matter theory, electronic properties of atomically thin films (graphene, hBN, TMDs) with recent emphasis on the moiré interference between layers, semiconductor nanostructures (quantum well, quantum dot and quantum ring), and quantum Hall effect. His work has appeared in Nature, Science, Nature Nanotechnology, and Physical Review.

Moon is a member of the American Physical Society and the Korean Physical Society. He has also previously been the organizing member of the 2012 A3 Symposium of Emerging Materials: Nanomaterials for Energy and Environments and the scientific committee member of 2018 International Conference on Emergent Phenomena in Quantum materials.

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, 2009
B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, 2001

Research Interests:
Condensed matter theory
Atomically thin films (graphene, hBN, transition metal dichalcogenides)
Superlattice made by the moiré interference between layers (twisted bilayer graphene, graphene on hBN, multiwalled nanotubes)


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