Center for Data Science and Analytics Seminar

Novelty, Knowledge Spillovers and Innovation: Evidence from Nobel Laureates
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - 16:00 to 17:30
John Ham (National University of Singapore)
Room 213

Knowledge spillovers are viewed as central to economic growth, urban agglomerations, and international trade, but there is little quantitative micro-evidence for these effects. An important question in this area is what factors affect the quality of a top scientist’s work. Using rich data on Nobel laureates in Chemistry, Medicine, and Physics, Prof. John Ham estimates the factors affecting how quickly an eventual Nobel Prize winner begins, and does, his Nobel work.

Professor John Ham received BA from the University of Toronto and PhD from Princeton University. He is professor and Provost’s chair at Department of Economic at National University of Singapore. His research is in the general area of applied microeconomics, and specifically in labor economics, health economics, and experimental economics.

Professor Steven Lehrer will introduce Professor John Ham.

Center for Data Science and Analytics is the host of this seminar.


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