Chinese Datasets Archive


Chinese Datasets Archive 2.0

The Datasets page, created in collaboration with the Library, aims to serve as a starting point for students and scholars to search for data on China. The 2.0 version offers more datasets, and improved data description, including data types and sources. The data have an exclusive focus on China and were collected from surveys, Chinese administrations, major data portals, and webs, among many other sources. The datasets presented here should either have open access to the public, or require minimal registration (a single step of logging in), or at the most ask users to fill in an application form for permission. The data can be accessed as either downloadable microdata, online analysis tools, or aggregate statistics.

There is just one caveat: many sites, like ours, are actively updating themselves, and thus the users might encounter the altered links or access methods, or even a site no longer found. Please directly contact the data providers should you need more information.