A blind man and an elephant: Tales of cancer and data analysis.

A blind man and an elephant: Tales of cancer and data analysis
Date & Time: 
Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:00
Dr. Taku Tokuyasu
Classroom 603

This talk will consider facets of cancer as viewed from a variety of data analysis projects that Dr. Taku Tokuyasu was involved in at the UCSF Cancer Center over the past decade. Topics such as defects in the genome, gene expression, and translation are explored. Core statistical tools used to gain insight are described along the way, and the development of new technologies is briefly discussed. Dr. Taku Tokuyasu notes a few themes encountered during this search for understanding of and a cure for cancer.

Dr. Tokuyasu holds double PhD: Physics PhD from Princeton, and CS PhD from UC Berkeley. He is a Scientist at the Center of Synthetic Biology Engineering Research, in SIAT (Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology), Chinese Academy of Sciences. He began his research career in condensed matter physics, exploring the theory of magnetic effects in unconventional superconductors at Princeton University. An interest in computing and information brought him to UC Berkeley. There the staff at Xerox PARC introduced him to the power of coding theory and probabilistic methods, leading to work on two dimensional recognition problems framed as optimal decoding (turbo decoding). The growing importance of quantitative methods in biomedical research then took him to the UC San Francisco Cancer Center. He worked on bioinformatics and data analysis in various roles from 2001 to 2014, before venturing briefly into the world of startups and DIY Bio. His current interests include microbial and immuno-therapy of cancer.

Prof. Gang Fang will introduce Dr. Tokuyasu. This event is sponsored by Center for Data Science and Analytics.

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