2024 NOPSS Special Program on Cultural Heritage’s Protection and Inheritance

2024 NOPSS Special Program on Cultural Heritage’s Protection and Inheritance

May 24, 2024
The Official Announcement in Chinese

National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences (NOPSS)


The 2024 NOPSS Special Program for Research on Protection and Inheritance of Cultural Heritage is now open for application.

The program covers 31 disciplines including research on the application of frontier science and technology in the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage, research on the experience of conservation of historic neighborhoods, ancient villages and towns, research on improving the management system of cultural heritage protection, and so on. Please find more details in the official announcement.


Funding Amount and Period:
The program will provide RMB 600,000 to 800,000 to each funded project. In general, the project period is three to five years.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • PI of the project should hold a senior professional title;
  • To apply, the PI should lead a research team on the basis of long-term collaboration. Each member of the team should either hold a senior professional title or have a doctoral degree;
  • Applicants with an ongoing NOPSS program or MOE key program can NOT apply;
  • Each project can have up to five sub-projects with one co-PI leading it.
  • Each applicant should submit three representative publications related to the proposed project, as an important reference;
  • Please refer to the official announcement for more eligibility information.


Important Dates:

By June 5, 2024 Faculty who intend to apply should notify us at shanghai.researchgrants@nyu.edu.
By July 15, 2024 Please send your application (including grant proposal and supplemental documents) for an institutional review.
By July 22, 2024 Applicants should finalize the application and submit both electronic and hard copies to us.