2024 MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Grant


2024 MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Grant

March 22, 2024
The Official Announcement in Chinese


Ministry of Education (MOE)


The 2024 MOE Humanities and Social Sciences General Grant is now open for application.

This grant covers 25 disciplines including (1) Marxism/Ideological and Political Education; (2) Philosophy; (3) Logics; (4) Religious Studies; (5) Linguistics; (6) Chinese Literature; (7) Foreign Literature; (8) Arts; (9) History; (10) Archaeology; (11) Economics; (12) Management; (13) Political Sciences; (14) Law; (15) Sociology; (16) Ethnology and Cultural Studies; (17) Journalism and Communication; (18) Library, Information and Philology; (19) Education; (20) Psychology; (21) Physical Education; (22) Statistics; (23) Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Studies; (24) International Studies; (25) Inter-disciplinary Studies/ Synthetic Studies.


Program Type and Funding Scale:

  1. Planning Program: 3 years, up to RMB 100,000 per project
  2. Young Researcher Program: 3 years, up to RMB 80,000 per project
  3. Self-financing Program: 3 years, at least self-raising RMB 80,000 per project
  4. Special Project Program: the specific announcement will be released separately


Eligibility Requirements:

This program is open to applicants of all nationalities. Foreign applicants should provide a proof of employment issued by the HR Department.  Each applicant can only submit one proposal as a PI.

  • Planning Program: the applicant should hold a senior professional title
  • Young Researcher Program: applicants should be born after Jan 1st, 1984; have a Ph.D. degree, or hold a junior or above professional title.
  • Applicants falling into one of the following categories can NOT apply this year:
    • Is leading any ongoing MOE Humanities and Social Sciences grant project as a PI;
    • Is a PI of any MOE Humanities and Social Sciences grant projects that have been terminated within recent three years, or have been revoked within recent five years;
    • Is leading any ongoing programs sponsored by NSFC or NOPSS;
    • Is applying for 2024 National Social Science Grants
  • Applicants who applied for this program for two consecutive years (2022 & 2023) but did not get funded

For more eligibility requirements, please refer to the official announcement and the FAQ in Chinese.

Important Dates:

By March 28, 2024 People who intend to apply should notify the Research Grants Office at shanghai.researchgrants@nyu.edu.
By April 12, 2024 Please send your application to us for the institutional review.
By April 19, 2024 Finalize and submit your application through the MOE online system.