Research during COVID-19

Latest updates (Last updated on June 17, 2022)

  • [updated on June 17] Please note that the shuttle bus service between our Pudong Campus and ECNU Zhongbei Campus will resume with an updated schedule, starting Monday June 20th. Access to ECNU Zhongbei campus is still restricted to essential activities and will need to be applied and approved separately. Please visit Geo FAQ page for the latest updates about Zhongbei Campus access and shuttle bus service.
  • [updated on June 13] Starting June 13, 2022, the access to Zhongbei campus will become possible but limited to essential activities in order to reduce density on campus and minimize potential impact on individuals during this transition period. Please contact if you would like to find out more or apply for access to Zhongbei Campus. Please note that the situation is fluid, we will keep the page updated with the latest information.
  • [updated on March 16] ECNU Zhongbei campus was switched to quasi-closed management period since 1:00 pm on March 16. During the quasi-closed management period, only absolutely essential personnel (i.e. animal care related) will be granted access to the campus. For absolutely essential personnel who need to access Zhongbei Campus, please follow the process here to apply for campus access under quasi-closed period.


Access to Zhongbei Campus under Routine Mode
(Last updated in March, 2022)

Per ECNU guidance, anyone who wishes to enter the campus must obtain prior approval in advance. All community members should re-submit campus access requests on a regular basis with updated Shanghai health code, trip code and a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test report (as appropriate). Please visit this page for instructions on how to submit access requests.

For information on JRI space use during Covid-19, please visit this page

For Zhongbei Campus Geography Building operational support, please contact


Joint Research Institutes
(Last updated in March, 2022)

Joint Research Institutes and Centers are hosting all academic events (conferences, seminar series etc.) online until further notice. Any questions regarding institute related support and programs may be directed to


Human Subjects Research, IRB and Office support
(Last updated on March 10, 2022)

Following the university’s latest guidance on pandemic control, we are reaching out to provide you with reminders and relevant information on conducting research involving human subjects research.

We strongly recommend you conduct the research online whenever feasible. If your study can be conducted online but has not been approved by the IRB to do so, please submit an amendment to the IRB to add online study procedures (social media platform, Zoom conferencing, Qualtrics surveys, etc.). For guidance on submitting an amendment to an approved study, please follow the Manual on Submitting an Amendment.

If in-person interaction is essential to your research, please make sure that you have an IRB-approved Covid-19 risk mitigation plan in place to outline the measures and procedures to mitigate the risk associated with the pandemic. If you need assistance in drafting a COVID-19 risk minimization plan or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Please visit our website for the latest updates.


External Research Grants
(Last updated in March, 2022)

The Research Grants Office is closely monitoring guidelines regarding COVID-19’s impact on sponsored projects. General updates will be announced to the community and any program-specific updates will be brought to the attention of those affected.

For the most current, up-to-date funding information, you can visit our Research Grants Website, or subscribe to the funding announcement mailing list. Please direct any grant related questions to


Animal Care and Use Program

Vivarium operation and animal care activities remain operational for essential and approved on-site research projects. For any questions regarding the Animal Care and Use Program, please direct your inquiry to


Research Partnerships
(Last updated on June 13, 2022)

2022 Summer Student Research Experience Programs are held online this year due to Covid impact. Please direct any program related questions to