Haibin Wu

Professor of Physics, Associate Director 
State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy
East China Normal University 

Email: hbwu@phy.ecnu.edu.cn

Haibin Wu completed his Ph. D. at the University of Arkansas in the field of quantum optics in 2009. During this time he studied on the nonlinear optical spectra with multi-level atoms in an optical cavity. He then moved to Duke University as a postdoctoral associate working on the strongly correlated ultracold Fermi gases in Department of Physics. He became full professor at ECNU in 2012. 

His primary research is in the area of atom cooling and trapping. The main feature of the current program is the study of strongly interacting degenerate Fermi gases near Feshbach resonance. He is also interested in the physics of cavity QED with the ultracold atoms.