Researchers Reveal the Function of PTIP in Maintaining Genomic Stability in Mitosis

Genetic stability is essential for the survival of multicellular organisms. The Pax transcription activation domain-interacting protein (PTIP) is an important regulator of the genetic stability of higher eukaryotic cells. An early study reported mitotic defects after PTIP inactivation, but it was not clear whether PTIP directly facilitates mitotic processes. In a study led by Center member and NYU Shanghai Assistant Professor of Biology Jungseog Kang, the researchers showed that PTIP is localized to the centrosome of mitotic cells and its inactivation delays metaphase chromosome alignment, which often leads to cell death. Therefore, PTIP may regulate centrosome dynamics to facilitate efficient chromosome segregation. The study reveals a novel function of PTIP in maintaining the genomic stability of higher eukaryotes during mitosis and has been published in a recent issue of Cell Division

Journal Reference:

Zhang, F., Wei, M., Chen, H., Ji, L., Nie, Y., and Kang, J. The genomic stability regulator PTIP is required for proper chromosome segregation in mitosis. Cell Div. 17, 5 (2022)