Professor John Zhang Delivered Speech at the 4th World Laureates Forum

Center Director Professor John Zhang was invited to give a speech at the Panel Session: A New Paradigm for Interdisciplinary Research in Life Science of the 4th World Laureates Forum, held in Shanghai on October 31, 2021.

Professor Zhang introduced his research progress in computational biology and highlighted the bright future of artificial intelligence applications in biology like AlphaFold 2. According to Professor Zhang, with the help of artificial intelligence, the protein structure modeling could be completed in hours compared to a few months needed by researchers. It helped scientists move from local qualitative research to a bigger picture. Professor Zhang also pointed out the limitations of artificial intelligence application in structural biology, such as the lack of precision in the protein-related structure and the dynamic process.

Wenhui Daily, Shanghai Observer, and Shanghai Science and Technology News were among the many news media that reported on this high-profile forum and quoted Professor Zhang’s speech at the forum.