2019 VINS Lecture Series- The role of AI and Fintech in risk management by Dr. Chern Lu

The role of AI and Fintech in risk management
Date & Time: 
Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 19:00 to 20:30
Dr. Chern Chen
Room 102, 1555 Century Avenue, New York University at Shanghai

Lecture Abstract

In the face of international and domestic uncertainties and risks, how Chinese enterprises and individuals "live" in the new economic cycle and external environment, and how to manage the risks of individuals and enterprises has become the theme of 2019. In this Lecture, Dr. Lu will give an in-depth analysis of the current international geopolitical changes, the adjustments of the domestic economic cycle, and the impact of US dollar interest rate hike on China's financial markets and the introduction of AI as well as the latest development and application of Fintech around the world. He will also be focusing on the broad and profound field of finance, helping us understand how contemporary AI and FinTech can promote the self-innovation of traditional financial industry, improve the quality of risk management, and reduce uncertainty. Finally, Dr. Chen Lu will analyze the potential risks and uncertainties brought by FinTech itself, especially for the huge AI bubble in China.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Chern Lu

Visiting Associate Professor of Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

Executive Director of Risk Management Research Centre, Asian Institute of Investors

Chief Economists & Chief Investment Officer of Xuanhong Financial Group

Former Chief Risk Officer of Ping An Pioneer Capital Ltd

Doctoral Degree from New York University, CFA, FRM, PRM

Dr. Chern Lu graduated with Applied Math Ph.D of Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences from New York University. Prior to joining XuanYuan Financial Group, he was the Former Head of Market Risk, Asset Liability Management, Interest Rate Risk and Counter-party Credit Risk Management for PwC, Deloitte HK. He has nearly 20 years of working experience in the US and Hong Kong financial markets and has conducted Market Risk Management consulting projects for a number of European and American financial institutions in Hong Kong, Bank of China, and Southeast Asian Bank. He is also a Visiting Honorary Fellow of MF Tsinghua University & Macquarie University and delivered a variety of courses and speeches for PKU HSBC Business Graduate School and Guang Hua Business School, HK Trading Exchange, Chinese Financial Futures Exchange, Da Lian Commodity Trading Exchange as well as China Futures Association.


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