Jianbo Huang

Professor of Anthropology
East China Normal University

Email: jbhuang@soci.ecnu.edu.cn

Jianbo Huang is Professor of anthropology at East China Normal University (ECNU), director of the Institute of Anthropology, and the Center of Ethnicity and Development. Before joining ECNU in 2014, he was a faculty member of anthropology institute, Renmin University of China since 2005. After receiving his PH.D. in anthropology from Central Minzu University in 2003, he was post-doc fellow at the Institute of Anthropology and Ethnology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in 2003-2005, and at the Institute of Studies of Religion, Baylor University, in 2007-2008. He received numerous funds from both the state social science foundation of China and international funds, and was named as Shanghai Shuguang Scholar in 2015.


Research Fields:

  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Christianity in China
  • Southwest China Studies
  • Marginal People and Urban Cultures