Global Finance Training Ground

Taking the classroom “on the road,” the Master of Science in Global Finance (MSGF) class of 2016 finished their first ever trip to China in mid-June, having completed their 8th learning module at NYU Shanghai.

Jointly offered by NYU Stern School of Business and the Business School of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (HKUST), the MSGF program brought together a group of executive-level practitioners representing over 10 countries--each boasting an average of 11 years work experience.

Students completed 1 of 10 up-to-date finance training modules in Shanghai (the other 9 are offered in NY and HK), where they honed in on China’s current financial markets and the intricacy of corporate finances.  They took part in an interactive case study, an integrative project, in-class simulations and guest lectures.  

Qian Sun, Chair of Fudan University’s Finance Department, provided an overview of China’s financial markets and institutions, while NYU Shanghai Adjunct Professors David Yu and Michele Geraci delivered courses on cross-border investment, financing dynamics and business operations in China.

The highlight of the series was a featured panel discussion about China’s robust yet volatile investment environment, sponsored by the Pudong Institute of Finance and held at the Shanghai World Financial Center, Han Lin, Senior Vice President of Global Banking China for Wells Fargo, and Eugene Qian, President of UBS China, led the discussions.