VINS Releases the First Market Volatility Report of 2023

The first issue of the Market Volatility Report for this year was released by the Volatility Institute at NYU Shanghai (VINS) on January 31st. VINS has been producing this report monthly since 2017. It provides analysis and insights into the fluctuations in China's financial market, highlighting key trends and market hotspots. The goal is to aid market participants in understanding the current state of market volatility of China's financial market, enhance investors' risk awareness and risk response capability, and provide market regulators with real-time monitoring of market fluctuations.

VINS recently formed a partnership with Wind Information of Shanghai, one of China's largest financial information providers, on sharing the Market Volatility Reports. Starting from January 2023, VINS' reports will also be available on WIND platform. “Publishing VINS volatility reports on WIND helps the financial community monitor market risks in a timely manner and therefore improves their decision making. Meanwhile, it also demonstrates the recognition of VINS work from China's financial industry,” said Dr. Zhou Xin, Executive Director of VINS.