Spotlight on Martin Wolf's talk

On 20th March, Martin Wolf, Chief Economics Commentator and an Associate Editor at the Financial Times delivered a talk about China's role in the global economy.

This talk started in the morning, with welcome remarks from Professor Jianye Wang, director of the volatility institute at NYU Shanghai. Recently, the world is in transformation, China's rise has been dramatic. “It is the great economic event of our era" said Martin. He also explained “there are two major reasons for friction between China and the West. First, countries like the US are threatened by China’s rising power…. Second, it's easy to blame China for the difficulties arising in this epoch of globalization. These are the two sentiments that constitute the historical backdrop for the trade war that is happening today...I think it will rest on China to solve this global friction.” 

This talk, co-organized by the Volatility Institute at NYU Shanghai and the NYU Shanghai Center for Business Education and Research, brought over 80 audience including finance industry insiders, scholars and NYU Shanghai students together for the morning session dialogue.

Please click here for the talk's slides.