China’s Bond Market: Trends, Challenges and Trading Opportunities

For the 9th VINS-TCFA Lecture Series on April 19, Kun Shan, Head of Local Markets Strategy for BNP Paribas China, presented topics about China’s Bond Market to the NYU Shanghai community as well as visiting practitioners in the finance industry.

Kun introduced the overall situation of China’s Bond Market at first. China has become the third market of bond and the second of credit debt in 2016.

To better present the feature of China’s Bond Market, Kun compared China’s Bond Market with America’s Bond Market and introduce the difference between these two bond market in the types of bonds, the types of investors and the rate of trading turnover, etc.


Kun also put forward that the trading strategy actually depends on the tools investors use. And Kun suggested maybe investors can pay more attention to the trading opportunities of the CDB financial debt and overseas investment, etc.


After the presentation all of the participants and Kun were involved in the free discussion about China’s Bond Market. It is such a heated discussion that they shared the impression of this speech and their experience in the bond market with each other.