2019 VINS Lecture Series- Chinese Option Markets and The Practical Option Strategies

On February 27th, Dr. James Xu, founder of COBE Investment Corporation of Shanghai and Guest Professor of Finance of Fanhai International School of Finance at Fudan University kickstarted the first 2019 VINS Lecture Series by introducing the current situation and development of China's option markets, analyze the practical problems existing at present.

In details, Dr. Xu illustrated his lecture with 5 different parts, which include the option basics, option market in the world, option case studies, option strategies, and option risk management. Most importantly, he emphasized the regulation restrictions in current Chinese option market and reminded other people who wants to invest in Chinese option market to pay more attention on the restrictions and other market frictions when doing specific strategy investments. For example, walking with up to two legs means that we only should use the option kinds that cannot exceed two. Another example is to analyze the extreme situation simulations when making any investments with options.

He also concluded that current option market in China is becoming better and better, more investors become interested in options, so this is a good phenomenon for Chinese option market development.

This Lecture was attended by scholars and market leaders in Finance and Economics area. Dr. Xu brought his own experience to the discussion that enriched the exchange of knowledge and skills between domestic and overseas option market.