Securitization and Systemic Risks

Securitization and Systemic Risks
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018 -
19:00 to 20:20
Dr. Yang Pang

This lecture will start with an introduction to Chinese securitization market, and make comparisons with US market, in terms of collateral assets, structure and trading. The Chinese market has undergone rapid growth in the past few years, managing perceived systemic risks will be the key for its long term development. The lecture will analyze the origin of systemic risk in the financial market in recent decades, using US market as an example, discuss the role which securitization market played during the last global financial crisis, and conclude that a well-developed securitization market not only can reduce systemic risks, but can also serve as an effective tool to dissolve the crisis when it happens. The lecture will make some suggestions for the Chinese securitization market.

Dr. Pang Yang is the CEO of Shanghai Alliance Financial Services, and also serves as the Secretary General of China Securitization Forum. Dr. Pang has been active in financial service industry for almost 20 years, and has extensive experience and unique perspectives on securitization, hedge funds, and financial derivatives. Dr. Pang was a partner of a global asset management company. In recent years, Dr. Pang has been an entrepreneur, founding several companies in asset management, financial information service and renewable energy investment in US, Japan and China. Prior to working in financial service industry, Dr. Pang was an assistant professor of physics at Columbia University, and worked closely with Nobel Laureate T.D. Lee and jointly published dozens of academic papers. Dr. Pang received B.S. from Fudan University in Shanghai and Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University in New York.

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