Professor Jun Wen leads the third social worker group in Shanghai to Ludian at Yunnan Province for disaster social work services

Professor Wen Jun, co-director of NYU-ECNU institute for Social Development at NYU Shanghai, on October 27, 2014 led social worker group in Shanghai to deliver disaster rescue services to Ludian, Yunnan province. With governmental-level coordination, social work groups from different provinces have taken turns in delivering social work services to this quake-stricken area. Professor Jun Wen led the third social work group from Shanghai to carry out this imperative task in relieving the suffering and disasters experienced by people at Ludian Yunnan. This work will last a month.

An earthquake with 6.5 magnitude struck Ludian of Zhaotong city in Yunnan province on August 3, 2014, toppling thousands of homes and buildings, killing more than 600 people and endangering almost a million inhabitants who are suffering both physically and emotionally due to this earthquake.

As part of Shanghai Service Team, the group led by Professor Jun Wen consists of 11 experienced members with half of them having capacity in serving survivors of 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. This professional service contributes to imperative re-construction work right after disaster that involves heavily reconstructing communities. Their work may also provide native knowledge in re-defining social work profession in the natural-disaster areas which may rely heavily on community development.

Shanghai Service Team, a unit of the National Service Team, is the first professional social work team organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China.



2014年10月27日,华东师范大学 - 纽约大学社会发展联合研究中心(上海纽约大学)主任文军教授率第三批上海社会工作服务队赴云南鲁甸地震灾区开展为期一个多月的社会工作服务。随行的还有华东师范大学社会发展学院的博士研究生吴越菲和何威两名博士生。

2014年8月3日,云南省昭通市鲁甸县发生的6.5级地震,造成昭通市4个县区46 个乡镇369个行政村95.39万人受灾;605人死亡,112人失踪,2773人受伤,27.76万人紧急转移安置;26195户123777间房屋倒 塌,42834户185655间严重损坏,155924户486904间一般损坏。鲁甸县龙头山镇老集镇等一些镇村几乎夷为平地,灾区居民遭遇身心多重创 伤。为此,民政部积极响应,迅速整合支援力量,在国家层面进行统筹,组建了地震灾后社会工作服务的“国家队”。上海服务队隶属民政部鲁甸地震灾区社会工作 服务团,是民政部在全国范围内第一次组织的专业灾后社会工作服务团。