Gathering Opens Up Productive Conversation about the Future of the Institute

The NYU-ECNU Institute for Social Development at NYU Shanghai hosted its first Institute-wide research symposium on April 19, 2017. Faculty affiliates of the Institute from NYU Shanghai, ECNU, Fudan University, and NYU in New York (via video-conferencing) participated in the half-day symposium.

The event featured brief presentations and discussion by thirteen faculty members, which focused on their backgrounds, research interests, past and ongoing projects, and questions that motivate their scholarship. The format was informal and created a lively and open environment for faculty affiliates of the Institute to talk about the drives and impetuses of their work, resulting in a vibrant discussion. The symposium was convened and chaired by the Institute Co-Director, Todd Meyers, whose aim was to host an event that would help participants learn more about what their peers are working on and to discover fresh connections across areas of social science inquiry. Their symposium provides a broad platform for Institute affiliates to connect with each other with the hope that forums like this will lead to more interdisciplinary research collaboration and scholarly exchange in the future.