New Trends in Research on Interrogation: Strategic Use of Evidence and the Scharff Technique

New Trends in Research on Interrogation: Strategic Use of Evidence and the Scharff Technique
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 15:30 to 17:00
Professor Pär Anders Granhag, University of Gothenburg
Room 304, NYU Shanghai, 1555 Century Avenue

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In this lecture I will talk about two new approaches for interrogation. The first approach is the Strategic Use of Evidence (SUE) technique. Broadly speaking, the SUE technique gives guidance with respect to how to most effectively use the critical background information when interrogating suspects. I will draw attention to one particular aspect of the SUE-technique; how to strategically disclose different pieces of information. The second approach is the Scharff technique and this technique is for collecting human intelligence; it is used to gather information from sources, suspects and detainees. I will introduce the concept elicitation and I will give examples of specific tactics that can be used to gently draw out secret information. The Scharff technique is inspired by approach invented by Hanns Joachim Scharff, who worked as an interrogator for the German Luftwaffe during WWII. Today the Scharff technique is taught to elite units around the world, such as the NYPD, LAPD, the FBI and MI5.


PhD in Psychology, 1996 (Gothenburg University; GU), Full Professor of Psychology, 2006 (GU). I currently hold a full time position as Professor of Psychology (GU), and I am affiliated with the Norwegian Police University College. I am the past president of the European Association of Psychology & Law (EAPL) and the founding director for the research unit for Criminal, Legal and Investigative Psychology (CLIP). The CLIP-group was established in the year 2000, and has been assessed as a world-leading group in its field. I am the founder of the Nordic Network for research on Psychology & Law (NNPL). I am the Editor for Applied Cognitive Psychology and an editorial board member of 8 other international journals (incl. Law & Human Behavior). I have reviewed papers for 50 international scientific journals and on mission reviewed research proposals for 20 international research councils, among them the Australian Research Council, European Science Foundation, National Science Foundation (USA), New Eurasia Foundation (Russia) and The British Academy. My list of publications includes over 300 items; 170+ of these are papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, including Annual Review of Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology; Current Directions in Psychological Science; Law and Human Behavior; Psychology, Public Policy and Law and Psychological Science in the Public Interest. My work has been cited 9000 times (H-factor: 52). My main research interests are: eyewitness psychology, interviewing and interrogation, deception detection and credibility assessment.


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