George Morrison

Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai


Prior to joining NYU Shanghai in January 2019, George studied at the University of Sussex as an undergraduate and postgraduate, culminating in the award of a PhD in the fall of 2018. His main research interests are calculus of variations and partial differential equations.


  • G. Morrison, A. Taheri, The interplay between two Euler–Lagrange operators relating to the nonlinear elliptic system \Sigma[(u,P),\Omega]Advances in Operator Theory, 6 (2020), no. 17.
  • G. Morrison, A. Taheri, An Infinite Scale of Incompressible Twisting Solutions to the Nonlinear Elliptic System L [u; A, B] = ∇P and the Discriminant ∆(h, g). Nonlinear Analysis vol. 173, 2018.
  • G. Morrison, A. Taheri, On a Class of Stationary Loops on SO(n) and the Existence of Multiple Twisting Solutions to a Nonlinear Elliptic System Subject to a Hard Incompressibility Constraint, Boundary Value Problems vol. 130, 2018.
  • G. Morrison, A. Taheri, Topology of Twists, Extremising Twist Paths and Multiple Solutions to the Nonlinear system in Variation L[u] = ∇P, Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis, vol. 54, 2019.
  • G. Morrison, A. Taheri, On the Existence and Multiplicity of Topologically Twisting H-Harmonic Maps and a Structural H-Condition, Differential Equations and Applications, vol. 12, 2020.