Douglas Abraham

Emeritus Professor
Department of Physics
University of Oxford


Douglas Abraham is Visiting Professor of Mathematics at NYU Shanghai.  He is also Emeritus Professor of Statistical Mechanics at the University of Oxford and Professorial Fellow of Wolfson College.  He holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge and a DS.c. from Oxford.

Professor Abraham’s research interests are Mathematical Physics, Statistical Mechanics, and Exactly Solvable Models. His work has appeared in Physical Review Letters, European Physics Letters, Communications in Mathematical Physics, Physical Review, and Journal of Statistical Physics.

Professor Abraham has been a Member of the Institute for Advanced Studies, a Marie Curie Professor of the EU, and a Visiting Miller Professor at UC Berkeley. He also served on the selection panel in Basic Sciences for the Premios in “Frontiers of Knowledge” of the Fundación BBVA, Madrid.

Research Interests

    Exact and rigorous results in Statistical Mechanics
    Thermal Casimir interactions
    Thermal Failure of nano-wires and associated quasi one-dimensional systems
    Quantum mechanics of one-dimensional arrays of chromophores
    Extremely long-ranged signaling in networks
    Exact solution of planar Ising model and related topics


    DSc, Applied Maths
    Oxford, 1987
    PhD, Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics
    Cambridge, 1968
    BA/MA, Natural Sciences Tripos
    Cambridge, 1964/68