NYU Shanghai’s Kenneth Ward Presents at the International Congress of Mathematicians

Professor Kenneth A. Ward, a faculty member at NYU Shanghai, and also of NYU-ECNU Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU Shanghai, gave a talk titled "Holomorphic Differentials of Cyclotomic Function Fields" at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2014 on August 19th.  At the presentation, Ward introduced a form of explicit descriptive calculus on algebraic curves. He was speaking in a number theory session and chairing a separate number theory session, featuring work by mathematicians representing University of British Columbia, Yunnan University, and Ben Gurion University.

About Kenneth Ward

Kenneth A. Ward is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at NYU Shanghai and a Standing Faculty of NYU-ECNU Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU Shanghai. He holds a PhD from Oklahoma State University and a BA from the University of Chicago. Professor Ward’s research interests are number theory and arithmetic geometry, particularly point counting, exponential sums, and the structure of differentials. His recent work has appeared in International Mathematics Research Notices and Journal of Number Theory.

About ICM 2014

The International Congress of Mathematicians, also known as ICM, was held this year from August 13-21 in Seoul. Being the world's largest mathematics conference, it is held in a different country every 4 years. ICM is hosted by the International Mathematical Union and is where the Field Medal (among others) is awarded.

There are two major themes of this year's Congress: to especially encourage mathematicians from developing countries where mathematical research may have a relatively short history by offering 1,000 fellowships for their attendance, and to engage and educate the public on the relevance of mathematical research.

(Published on: 08/25/14)