Probability Seminar Series Spring 2023

Probability Seminar Series Spring 2023
Date & Time: 
Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 18:00
Hosted via Zoom & W934, NYU Shanghai New Bund Campus

The Probability Seminar Series is regular on Thursdays, sponsored by the NYU-ECNU Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU Shanghai.

Below is the 2023 Spring Semester schedule list. The list will be updated whenever there are any changes.


  • 17:00 Feb 16     Lucas Affonso, University of São Paulo [online]

                                 DLR Equations for Quantum Spin Systems

  • 17:30 Feb 16    João Maia, University of São Paulo [online]

                                Long-range Ising Model: A Contour Argument and the Random Field

  • 17:00 Mar 2      Rémi Rhodes, University of Aix-Marseille [online]

                                Conformal Bootstrap in Liouville Theory

  • 17:00 Mar 16    Rodrigo Ribeiro, University of Denver [online]

                                 On Random Walks that Build Their Own Domain

  • 17:00 Mar 23    Elie Aidekon, Fudan University [mix-mode]

                                1-d Brownian loop soup, Fleming--Viot processes and Bass--Burdzy flow

  • 17:00 Mar 30    Zhan Shi, AMSS, Chinese Academy of Sciences [mix-mode]

                                Two Examples of Random Recursive Systems

  • 17:00 Apr 13     Tadahisa Funaki, Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications  [mix-mode]

                                 Coupled KPZ Equation and its Derivation from Particle Systems

  • 16:00 Apr 20    Pablo Groisman, NYU Shanghai and University of Buenos Aires [mix-mode]

                                Nonhomogeneous Euclidean First Passage Percolation and Topology Learning

  • 17:00 Apr 20    Daniel Ueltschi, University of Warwick [online]

                                On Spin Systems, Loop Representations, and Random Partitions

  • 16:00 Apr 27    Santiago Saglietti, Universidad Católica de Chile [mix-mode]

                                Scaling Limit of the Heavy-Tailed Ballistic Deposition Model with P-Sticking

  • 17:00 Apr 27    Weijun Xu, Peking University [mix-mode]

                                Periodic Homogenisation for Dynamical \phi^4_2

  • 16:00 May 4      Hang Du, Peking University [mix-mode]

                                Sharp Informational Thresholds for Fundamental Questions in Correlated Random Graph Model

  • 17:00 May 4      Wenhao Zhao, Peking University [mix-mode]

                               Weak Universality Results for Singular SPDEs

  • 17:00 May 11     Zhituo Wang, Harbin Institute of Technology

                                Phase Transitions in Quantum Many-body System

  • 17:00 May 18    Shunlin Shen, Peking University

                                On the Mean-field and Semiclassical Limit from Quantum N-body Dynamics