Center for Data Science and Analytics

The Center for Data Science and Analytics at NYUSH is a focal point for NYU Shanghai's initiative in data science. The Center was established to help advance NYU Shanghai's goal of creating one of China's leading data science education and research facilities, and providing researchers and professionals with the tools to harness the power of big data. The Center’s faculty members and scientists are established experts in the field of data science and its applications. Their interests are in mathematical statistics, machine learning, optimization, econometrics, and several application areas including sociology, economics, political science, history, privacy, business, finance, and genomics. Associated with the Center is a new and exciting Data Science undergraduate major. As it grows, the Center will attract new professors and students whose primary research and teaching activities revolve around data science.

The Center will have three intellectual thrusts:

  • Data Science Methodology: This research is about the advancement of machine learning, computational statistics, and econometrics, aiming to solve grand challenge problems involving massive data sets. Researchers in data science methodology typically come from computer science, statistics, mathematics, and economics, but may also come from engineering and social science disciplines.
  • Data Science Applications: This is potentially the largest component in terms of faculty involvement. It can include researchers from economics, sociology, political science, psychology, health sciences, urban studies, public policy, business and finance.
  • Data Science Infrastructure: This research is about the computational and storage infrastructure required for meeting the needs of big data. Research in this area includes natural language processing, data visualization, search engines (text, images, maps, etc.), databases, cluster computing, cluster storage and computing, data protection, and data privacy. Most the researchers would come from computer science.
Speaker: Yik-Cheung Tam (Principal NLP scientist at Wechat AI, Tencent)
5:00pm to 6:30pm
Dec 11 2017
Speaker: Lan Liu (Algorithm Engineer, Didi)
5:00pm to 6:30pm
Dec 4 2017