A New Era in Nanoscale Control Is Coming - Professor Nadrian Seeman’s talk on July 2

On July 2, NYU-ECNU Center for Computational Chemistry at NYU Shanghai invited chemistry professor, Nadrian Seeman to visit the Center and gave a talk titled as “DNA: Not Merely the Secret of life”. 

After a brief introduction to DNA molecules, Professor Seeman shared the short history of Structural DNA Nanotechnology, as he is the founder of this new research field. This is an interdisciplinary field that involves math, physics, chemistry, biology and programming. According to Professor Seeman, the goal of the Structural DNA Nanotechnology is to use DNA to scaffold other species in 3D, such as biological macromolecules and nanoelectronic components. His research group has produced robust devices and bipedal walkers which shows the application of DNA Nanotechnology. Those demonstrations support the notion that a new era in nanoscale control may be coming.

Active discussion was followed afterwards between Professor Seeman and the attendees including faculty, postdocs and graduate students from ECNU and NYU Shanghai, focused on the applications of Structural DNA Nanotechnology to medicine and biophysics.

This is the last seminar of the Center for spring 2015. However, the Center will continue to attract top researchers to interact with faculties and students.

(Published on: 07/07/2015)