Xing Tian

Assistant Professor of Neural and Cognitive Sciences 
NYU Shanghai

Lab website:

Xing Tian is an Assistant Professor of Neural and Cognitive Sciences at NYU Shanghai. Using electrophysiological (MEG/EEG), neuroimaging (fMRI) techniques, and behavioral, computational approaches, Professor Tian investigates motor-sensory interactions, mental imagery, and speech and language.

Professor Tian has a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and, prior to joining NYU Shanghai, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Psychology at NYU.

Education and Research Experience
• Postdoctoral Research Associate. New York University, Department of Psychology, 2009-2014, Supervisor: David Poeppel
• Ph.D., University of Maryland, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, 2008, Advisors: David E. Huber and Michael Dougherty
• B.S., Peking University, School of Physics, 2003

Research Interests
Using electrophysiological (MEG/EEG) and neuroimaging (fMRI) techniques with behavioral, Professor Tian uses behavioral and computational approaches to investigate:
• Motor sensory interaction
• Mental imagery
• Speech and language