Sze Chai Kwok's Paper Published Online in Human Brain Mapping

Sze Chai Kwok's paper "Immediate memory for “when, where and what”: Short-delay retrieval using dynamic naturalistic material" was published online in Human Brain Mapping in March. This study provides compelling neural correlate evidence for scale-invariance subserving memory retrieval of complex episodic details within a "what-where-when" tripartite framework. 

"The findings strongly challenge the long-held distinction between neural mechanisms involved in short-term memory and long-term memory," said Kwok.

Sze Chai Kwok is currently an associated member of the NYU-ECNU Institute of Brain and Cognitive Science at NYU Shanghai and associate professor at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at East China Normal University. 

The study was conducted in the Neuroimaging Laboratory at Fondazione Santa Lucia in Rome, Italy. 

(Publish on: 04/29/15)