NYU Shanghai Neuroscience Faculty Win Research Grant

NYU Shanghai neuroscience faculty, led by Xiao-Jing Wang, won a RMB 5 million program grant through the Major Projects Program of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission (STCSM). The grant is part of a larger effort, known as “Deep Neural Network and Intelligent System Based on the Working Principle of the Brain", a RMB20 million collaboration grant among Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, NYU Shanghai and East China Normal University.  NYU Shanghai's grant focuses on the neural network mechanism and computational principles of cognitive function.  This is Shanghai's municipal government's largest major grant in brain science and the brain-inspired artificial intelligence field. Following the kick-off meeting was held on Thursday, October 8, Wang commented, "we are delighted to be part of this new project supported by STCSM, today's meeting highlights the great potential for us to work together in understanding the brain mechanisms of cognition and developing brain-like artificial intelligence.”