Neuroscience Professor Makes New Revelations in Brain Plasticity Research

Institute faculty Xiaoming Zhou published a paper in Cerebral Cortex, revealing that age-related changes in cortical sound-azimuth selectivity can be reversed with training. These findings offer the possibility that behavioral training can be used for treatment of declines in auditory perception, which are common symptoms of aging.

Journal Reference:
Yuan Cheng, Yifan Zhang, Fang Wang, Guoqiang Jia, Jie Zhou, Ye Shan, Xinde Sun, Liping Yu, Michael M Merzenich, Gregg H Recanzone, Lianfang Yang, and Xiaoming Zhou. (2019) “Reversal of Age-Related Changes in Cortical Sound-Azimuth Selectivity with Training.” Cerebral Cortex. Volume 00: 00. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhz201.