Julia Hur

Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations, NYU Shanghai

Global Network Assistant Professor, NYU

Email: jh3034@nyu.edu


Julia Hur is Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations, NYU Shanghai; Global Network Assistant Professor, NYU. Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, Hur has consulted for a variety of organizations in the global automotive, entertainment, and food industries. 

Research interests: Goals and Motivations in Management, Incentives, Individual and Organizational Decision-Making


Selected Publications

Hur, J.D. & Nordgren, L.F. (2016) 'Paying for Performance: Performance Incentives Increase Desire for the Reward Object." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 111, 301-316

Hur, J.D., Koo, M., & Hofmann, W. (2015) 'When Temptations Come Alive: How Anthropomorphism Undermines Self-Control.' Journal of Consumer Research, 42, 340-358

Hur, J.D., King, B.G., & Effron, D.A. (2014) 'From Barrels to Apples: How Organizational Transgressions Impact Individual Ethical Decision.' Academy of Management Proceedings



Ph.D., Management and Organizations
Northwestern University

M.A., Social Sciences
University of Chicago