Brian Hanssen

Clinical Assistant Professor of Business                              



Brian Hanssen joined NYU Shanghai in 2015 as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Business. He has a joint appointment with the NYU Stern School of Business, where he is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Management Communication. Professor Hanssen also runs a non-profit organization and consults regularly in the private sector.

Prior to teaching in both the undergraduate and MBA programs at NYU, Brian most recently held a global management position in product readiness and enablement at Intralinks, a leading technology provider of secure collaboration solutions.

Before Intralinks, Brian spent eight years in management consulting focusing on leadership development and organizational change. His experiences encompass corporate restructuring, IT implementation, and development of social impact/shared value programs. Past clients include UBS, General Electric, Citi, Total, and the Republic of Kenya.  He has also worked in the non-profit sector and was a teacher in Los Angeles.

Professor Hanssen holds degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles and Columbia University.


Courses Taught

  • Business and its Publics
  • Business Communication
  • Organizational Communication and its Social Context
  • Advanced Organizational Communication (NYU Shanghai)
  • Managerial Skills (NYU Shanghai)
  • Leadership Practicum (NYU Shanghai)



Columbia University

University of California, Los Angeles


Languages: English, German, Spanish