22 August, 2016


Annual Conference of the Center for Global Asia, NYU Shanghai



The third day of the conference will feature a workshop on Asian Studies, with two roundtable sessions. The first session will be devoted to exploring the concepts of Asia that developed during the age of European imperialism, the discourse on the region in the early phases of decolonization, and the incorporation of the continent into the emerging field of Area Studies. The second roundtable session will provide a forum for critically engaging the dominant Asian Studies research and teaching methodologies; the shortcomings of sub-regional foci; the importance of bridging specialist research, undergraduate teaching/learning, and public policy; and the state of Asian Studies in Asia. It is hoped that this session will result in white paper and a network of scholars and institutions committed to reimaging Asian Studies for the 21st century. 


11:00-1:00 Roundtable I: The Concepts of Asia


David Ludden (New York University)

Sugata Bose (Harvard University)

Joanna Waley-Cohen (NYU Shanghai)

Engseng Ho (Duke University)

Li Tiangang (Fudan University)

Anne Cheng (Collège de France)



2:30-5:30 Roundtable II: The Methodology and Pedagogy of Asian Studies


Barbara Watson Andaya (University of Hawaii)

Ayesha Jalal (Tufts University)

Wasana Wongsurawat (Chulalongkorn University)

Maitri V. Aung-Thwin (National University of Singapore)

Pascal Bourdeaux (École Pratique des Hautes Études)

Jin Guangyao (Fudan University)

Ravinder Kaur ( University of Copenhagen)

Mark Swislocki (NYU Abu Dhabi) and Tansen Sen (NYU Shanghai)
Peter Hershock (East-West Center, Hawaii)